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December 10, 2021 1 min read

TOPDON Compares ArtiDiag 500 to ArtiLink 200 

Automotive Diagnostics firm’s ArtiDiag 500 Rises Above the ArtiLink 200, offering advanced features at a great price point 

TOPDON explains the differences and similarities of its ArtiDiag 500 and ArtiLink200. The automotive diagnostics company wants to make sure their customers have the right tools. 

The ArtiDiag 500 is an OE-level diagnostic scanner. Rugged and user-friendly, it can handle many diagnostic issues and features four diagnostics systems. It can scan 42 different vehicle makes, read and clear DTCs, automatically match software with AutoVIN technology, and instantly produce previous diagnostic procedures from a vehicle. At a $168 MSRP, it offers technicians plenty of diagnostic capabilities. 

The ArtiLink 200 is an entry-level diagnostics tool. Affordable, streamlined, and meant to handle common diagnostics issues, it reads and erases codes, views freeze frame data, and vehicle information. Designed for affordability and essential tests, it is perfect for beginners and hobbyists. The ArtiLink 200 is at home in any DIY garage. 

“With the ArtiDiag 500 we want to give as many technicians as possible the most robust capabilities for the lowest price. It was made for the shop owners who have extensive needs and jobs. But on the other hand, the ArtiLink 200 is perfect for the DIY guy and hobbyist. We have tools to make everyone happy. Come check us out,” says Chad Schnitz, Vice President of TOPDON USA. 

Interested dealers can contact sales@topdon.us. 

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