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December 10, 2021 1 min read

Phoenix ADAS Mobile

Automotive Diagnostics Products Company Launches ADAS Calibration Tool with Unmatched Portability and Exceptional Coverage  

TOPDON USA releases its new ADAS calibration tool, the Phoenix ADAS Mobile. This product is creating interest because of its unmatched portability and exceptional coverage. For automotive technicians, this tool represents the capability to do meaningful work on modern cars – It may be one of the most significant tools to have. 
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are present in most modern automobiles to increase safety and reduce accidents. It warns the driver of possible collisions or even corrects the vehicle's speed or steering to avoid accidents. However, a technician must calibrate the ADAS system every time a sensor replacement, accident repair, wheel alignment, windshield replacement, or diagnostic service occurs. The Phoenix ADAS Mobile calibrates these sensors.   

The Phoenix ADAS Mobile features a foldable calibration frame and portable design, an on-tool guided set-up procedure, a five-laser device for precise OE-target placement, and a Phoenix Lite™ scanner tablet.  The basic kit provides many OE-level targets to cover a huge array of makes and models. Extra targets and accessories are available for purchase.  

"With the Phoenix ADAS Mobile, technicians can collapse and calibrate from anywhere. This device will easily sync and work on any of TOPDON's diagnostic scanners, such as the Phoenix Pro, Plus, and Lite (included). It doesn't even require extra memory space – It’s plug and play," says Chad Schnitz, TOPDON USA Vice President. 
Interested dealers should contact sales@topdon.us. 

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