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December 10, 2021 1 min read

New Diagnostic Scanner Comes With an Updated VCI, Includes Topology Mapping, Supports Online Programming and Coding  

TOPDON® announces the release of the Phoenix Elite®,  its newest cutting-edge OE-level diagnostic scanner. Offering unparalleled functionality, this tool supports Cloud-Based Programming for nine vehicle brands, Online Coding for three different makes, and comes with an Updated Wireless VCI.  

The Phoenix Elite features innovative Topology Mapping that shows a clear picture of the automobile’s systems in a tree diagram for a relational perspective of issues. With this function, professionals can quickly find communication issues or identify and fix trouble codes.  

Its Bluetooth-Enabled VCI equipped with CanFD Protocol provides vast coverage and allows technicians to complete the job on the most modern cars. Compatible with the BT Mobile ProS and the Phoenix ADAS Mobile, this scanner can perform battery testing and ADAS calibration, expanding the users’ capabilities. 

“With the Phoenix Elite, we are offering a multi-functional and advanced tool. Automotive shops are now able to customize their scanner according to their technician’s needs! They can easily turn this scanner into a battery tester or an ADAS calibration tool when combining it with other TOPDON devices,” explains Chad Schnitz, Vice President of TOPDON USA. 

Interested dealers can contact sales@topdon.us for detailed information. 

*Product available for purchase in December 2021.

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