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December 10, 2021 1 min read

 Automotive Company Joins North America Council of Automotive Teachers’ Network  

TOPDON USA has signed on as a partner of the NACAT (North America Council of Automotive Teachers). This is a nonprofit organization that represents automotive educators and works to facilitate the exchange of educational materials, training, and ideas, as well as to provide professional development.  

The NACAT offers support groups for automotive programs, incentivizes continuing education to its members, and actively strives toward federal, state/provincial, and local administrative support. The Council organizes an international conference yearly, educating and renewing the members to improve automotive education in North America. 

Some of the benefits offered to educators by the Council include scholarships, special pricing for automotive tools, equipment, teaching materials, and various professional and personal development opportunities. 

“We’re very excited about this new partnership. TOPDON understands how important it is for the automotive industry to have high-quality educational programs and prepared professionals. One of our main goals is to contribute to the next generation of automotive technicians by offering support to their teachers and instructors”, explains the company’s Vice President, Chad Schnitz.

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