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August 25, 2022 4 min read

It doesn’t seem that long ago that diagnostic tools became commonplace in repair shops. Some of the first tools were quirky dealer-only machines requiring extensive training and were not exactly user friendly. Once the aftermarket entered the diagnostic tool space it became possible for an ordinary shop to work on repairs that were previously dealer only. But that same liberation for diagnostic tools and subsequent capability came at a steep price. It also came with needless complications thanks to touchy software installations needing not just a separate PC, but sometimes even separate hard drive partitions because some OE software packages don’t play nice with each other. You are in the car repair business, not IT support. TOPDON knows how important it is to keep things flowing in your shop and that is why the Phoenix Remote is here.

Remote Diagnostics Opens New Doors

Imagine having a shop stocked with every OEM diagnostic tool available today with none of the drama. As a business owner your first thought was probably the high costs associated with such a setup. And not just the tools themselves, but the subscriptions as well. But what if you could have access to those very same tools in your own shop without the heavy acquisition costs? That’s just what TOPDON has done with the Phoenix Remote.

Remote diagnostic ability allows the Phoenix Remote to stand in for nearly any OEM diagnostic tool on the market, up to and including the newest vehicles that just rolled off the dealership lot. Picture an OBD cable that can reach from your customer’s car, through the internet, and plug into virtually any OEM diagnostic tool. The entire process is seamless to the OEM diagnostic tool which thinks it is sitting right in the shop bay with you. Add to it the remote technical assistance of a TOPDON vetted technician via the Phoenix Remote itself. Your technician can team up with a live expert via video call, voice call, or even text chat to solve customer issues you would have been forced to hand off previously. That’s a powerful tool for saving time and delivering customer satisfaction.

The Phoenix Remote Is The Answer

The term “all-in-one” gets thrown around a lot. But in the case of the Phoenix Remote it is an apt description. You get a full function diagnostic tool covering essentials such as ECU lookup, fault code reading/clearing, data stream analysis, and actuation testing. Plus there are special features such as cloud-based programming, online coding, a whopping 35 different maintenance services, along with VAG guided functions and more. But things really add up when you factor in such valuable tools like topology mapping, FCA Secure Gateway access, remote assistance, 10 OBD functions, even the ability to print and share reports. You can use the Phoenix Remote with your Phoenix ADAS Mobile to perform ADAS calibrations, or even link the Phoenix Remote to the BTMobile Pro S for a powerful battery testing solution. 

You won’t have to turn away complex repairs because Phoenix Remove supports CAN2.0, CAN FD, DoIP, J2534 (only for remote access programming), D-PDU, and RP1210 protocols. You also get cloud based programming for 13 brands for fast access without jumping through hoops. You can even access advanced vehicle functions for brands such as VAG, BMW, Ford and others. A database of over 200 vehicles gives the Phoenix Remote unmatched diagnostic coverage. There’s also support for electric vehicles so you can tap into the growing alternative energy vehicle base. It even has a built-in camera with flash for documenting and diagnosing repairs in the darkest vehicle recesses.

An Elegant Solution

Phoenix Remote really is the simple solution for growing a high technology repair income stream. Using it only requires plugging in the OBD cable and the Ethernet cable when necessary. That’s it. No more fumbling for the right diagnostic tool dongle. Or even worse realizing a customer just drove off with a wireless dongle tucked away somewhere. The intuitive user interface helps guide users through the repair process, while not impeding advanced power users.

Keeping It In-House

Consider a typical situation. A long time customer brings in their brand new SUV for service. You’ve been their go-to shop for years and they trust you above all others. Putting out that glowing MIL on the dash might be outside the scope for your current diagnostic tool, even with the latest updates. In this case only an OEM diagnostic tool can pry information from such a new vehicle. So now you are faced with either turning away the job (and disappointing your customer) or taking the vehicle to a dealership. Neither option is attractive. But with the Phoenix Remote you can access the latest up-to-date OEM diagnostic tools and keep your customer right where they belong: your shop.

A Smart Decision For Business Growth

The choice is simple: lease the Phoenix Remote for $500 down and $150 a month. That’s it. That price even includes updates for the life of the lease. You can recoup the cost quickly with your now expanded capabilities. A 2021 independent study found that nearly $425 million in revenue was being lost by shops referring vehicles back to dealerships for programming. That’s a staggering amount of money walking out the door, but the Phoenix Remote can help keep that money at your shop. That same 2021 independent study found that 65% of automotive repair shops outsource all of their programming to a third-party provider. And only 25% of collision shops are doing their own on-site programming or even have the capability. That's a huge opportunity for keeping revenue in your pocket rather than bolstering someone else’s bottom line. 

If you are ready to invest in the future of your business contact your local TOPDON representative or sign up for more information.


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