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TOPDON's ArtiBattery101 is a battery tester for the cranking and charging systems of 12V batteries. Applicable to lead-acid, gel, AGM flat plate, and spiral batteries, this device offers wide compatibility. Its reverse polarity protection provides extra safety to reduce human error and avoid damage from an improper connection. This tool is compatible with most battery testing standards, such as CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, and GB.

  • The TOPDON ArtiBattery101 uses advanced conductance measurement technology to test all 12V batteries in passenger cars and light trucks. It will accurately test battery health including voltage, cranking power, state of charge, and more
  • READABLE TEST RESULTS: This battery tester displays five battery test results; ‘Good Battery’ / ‘Good Battery, Needs Recharge’ / ‘Replace, Life Cycle’ / ‘Replace, Bad Cell’ / ‘Charge, Retest’. You can know the complete health status of any vehicle’s battery with one simple test
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE: The ArtiBattery101 works on almost all battery types including Lead Acid, AGM Flat Plate, Spiral Plate, and Gel batteries for quick and accurate diagnosis. This tester also covers all battery system standards including CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, and GB
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE: This battery analyzer is designed with reverse polarity protection to avoid damage to the battery or the tester
  • In-Depth Battery Testing - Battery Test displays SOH (State of Health), SOC (State of Charge), Voltage, Current, Rating, and analysis results on the LCD screen
Different Battery Test Results Explained:
  • Good Battery: The battery is in good condition
  • Good, Recharge: It’s a good battery with a low current. Recharge it before the next use
  • Replace: The battery is almost or already broken, and you should replace the battery
  • Bad Cell, Replace: The battery is broken, internally damaged, or has a short circuit and it’s time to replace the battery
  • Charge-Retest: An unstable battery should be recharged and retested to avoid errors. If the same test result appears again, the battery is regarded as damaged. Replace the battery
Cranking System Test:
  • Select the cranking test and start the engine when prompted, then the tester will automatically complete the test
  • The tester will display the result including actual cranking voltage and actual cranking time
  • If cranking voltage is lower than 9.6V, the cranking system is regarded as abnormal
  • If cranking voltage is higher than 9.6V, the cranking system is ok
Charging System Test:
  • Charging Voltage: Normal – the generator output is normal, no problems were detected
  • Charging Voltage: Low – check the drive belt of the generator and the connection between generator and battery, or follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to eliminate the generator fault
  • Charging Voltage: High – replace the generator assembly or a regulator to avoid battery damage
  • No Voltage Output – check the generator connection and the belt
  • Diode Test – there is at least one diode that is damaged if the ripple voltage is too high.

User Manual


Voltage test range: 8-16 VDC


Display: 220*176 LCD
Acid-proof plastic with silica gel buttons
CCA: Cold Cranking Amps (Range: 100~2000)
BCI: Battery Council International (100~2000)
CA: Cranking Amps (100~2000)
MCA: Marine Cranking Amps (100~2000)
JIS: Japan Industrial Standard (26A17~245H52)
DIN: German Auto Industry Committee (100~1400)
IEC: Internal Electrical Technical Commission (100~1400)
EN: European Automobile Industry Association (100~2000)
SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers (100~2000)
GB: China National Standard (30Ah~200Ah)


1 Main Unit
1 User Manual


One Year Warranty