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May 06, 2024 2 min read

Choosing the right tools to invest in can sometimes be a challenging task. The increasing complexity of modern cars and trucks makes tool selection a bit of a moving target. That’s why TOPDON offers a complete selection of Phoenix Series intelligent diagnostic tools for every stage of your professional career. As your career advances, we’re there to grow with you.

The Phoenix Lite 2, Phoenix Elite, Phoenix Smart, and Phoenix Max each offer advanced levels of capability targeted to your particular needs. Yet with plentiful add-on modules available, such as for battery testing or thermal imaging, you can start with one tool and add features to expand capabilities as professional needs evolve and finances allow. Additionally, TOPDON’s Phoenix 4-channel oscilloscope will work with each of the four Phoenix products highlighted here.


The Phoenix Lite 2 is a compact professional grade tool that allows you to do more in less time, with less up-front cost. It is ideal for younger technicians starting out in their careers. For under $1,000 for the Phoenix Lite 2, and less than $2,000 for a Phoenix Lite 2 and Phoenix 4-channel oscilloscope, technicians can have OE level system diagnostics at their disposal. Offering an 8 megapixel camera and 35 maintenance services for more than 200 vehicle models, the Phoenix Lite 2 is an easy-to-use tool that will be at home on any shop floor. 

An important aspect of tool selection is “future proofing” yourself. In other words, consider not just the capabilities you’ll need today, but those you’ll need next year, or the year after. The Phoenix Elite is ready for those future jobs with support for CanFD communications protocol. CanFD may not be the majority system at the moment, but more cars are being built with it every year. The Phoenix Elite also supports cloud based programming for six brands and has ADAS compatibility. In addition, the Phoenix Elite offers a larger 10.1-inch LCD screen and faster processing speeds.

The Phoenix Smart takes those strengths and amplifies them, with both CanFD and DoIP bus protocols, ADAS compatibility, cloud based programming capability for 14 brands, and additional processing power. The Phoenix Smart includes two years of free software upgrades. The Phoenix Smart is available with Heavy Duty functionality for Automotive and Heavy Duty on one tool.

The Phoenix Max is the all-in-one diagnostic scanner for those who want or need maximum capacity and functionality. It offers the highest resolution and largest screen size (13.3 in.) in the Phoenix line, with the fastest processor, a 13mp camera, ADAS functionality, and the latest Android system. With a battery capable of eight hours of runtime and a convenient docking station, the Phoenix Max will power you through the day. The Phoenix Max can be purchased with or without a Phoenix 4-channel oscilloscope. The Max is also available with Heavy Duty functionality for Automotive and Heavy Duty use.

As automotive technology advances, technicians and businesses need to roll with the changes. TOPDON is there to elevate your game with a diagnostic tool for every experience level and budget. How can we help you?


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