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May 07, 2024 2 min read

ROCKAWAY, NEW JERSEY – May 7, 2024 – TOPDON USA, the nation’s premier provider of cutting-edge automotive technology, advanced tools and specialty equipment, released its new Phoenix Lite 3 Diagnostic Scanner featuring additional functionality and technology. Offering more robust topology with the option to add ADAS calibration software, as well as greater compatibility on a larger number of vehicles, the Phoenix Lite 3 is an ideal tool for any professional technician or heavy DIY’er.

“Our Phoenix Lite line of diagnostic scanners has been a trusted scanner solution for a wide range of users in the automotive industry,” said Chad Schnitz, Vice President of TOPDON USA. “We’re excited to announce our new Phoenix Lite 3 model, which amps up the technology and usability at a highly competitive price point. We’ve expanded the Phoenix Lite 3’s compatibility for use on 168 makes and models of vehicles, as well as added precision topology capabilities that allow techs to visualize all the major car systems with one click. Additionally, ADAS calibration software can easily be integrated into the Phoenix Lite 3 helping ensure the vehicle’s safety systems work properly after maintenance.”

The Phoenix Lite 3 is a compact diagnostic scanner designed for automotive professionals, enthusiasts, and small repair shops. It features a simple-to-read 8-inch LCD color display with a powerful 4-core processor that runs on Android 10.0. Its precision topology mapping enables swift problem localization and isolation. The Phoenix Lite 3 offers comprehensive coverage of 35 maintenance services to cover essential tasks such as oil, EBP and suspension resets, as well as specialized functions including add/replace key fobs, battery sensor module learning, and tire pressure sensors learning.

Additional features on the Phoenix Lite 3 include:

  • CAN-FD protocol for enhanced compatibility on modern vehicles, including 2020 and newer GM and Chrysler vehicles.
  • FCA Secure Gateway that facilitates seamless full diagnostics on more contemporary cars such as Fiat without the need for separate adapters.
  • Compatibility with TOPDON’s professional products including BT Mobile ProS, Oscilloscope, TC001 Thermal Imaging, Phoenix ADAS and T-Ninja Box.
  • Assessment of component integrity and functionality to facilitate rapid identification of fault causes for faster and more efficient repairs.
  • Wireless diagnostics via VCI empowers for flexible operation within the range of Bluetooth VCI.
  • Detailed diagnostic reports that can be generated and shared for data backup.

“Phoenix Lite 3 is a game-changing tool for auto repair hobbyists and professionals,” said Schnitz. “The technology that we’ve packed into this scanner is upgradable and will become a valuable tool to fast track the repair and maintenance with a simple, easy-to-use solution.”

For more features and specifications about the Phoenix Lite 3, visit https://www.topdon.us/collections/professional-series/products/phoenix-lite-3

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