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June 18, 2024 3 min read

ROCKAWAY, NEW JERSEYJune 18, 2024TOPDON USA, the nation’s premier provider of cutting-edge technology and advanced diagnostic tools and specialty equipment, is accelerating its international TOP-UP Academic Initiative with a new partnership supporting Indianapolis-based Area 31 Career Center, a hands-on learning campus dedicated to building the nation’s next generation of America’s skilled workforce. TOPDON’s Area 31 partnership includes product and monetary donations that includes the cost of four automotive students to participate in the Skills USA Championships. Additionally, TOPDON’s Scholarship will support students pursuing an automotive education after high school.

“Area 31 is playing a critical role in helping shape the future of America’s skilled workforce,” said Chad Schnitz, Vice President of TOPDON USA. “Our TOP-UP Academic Initiative has supported higher learning and professional training organizations like Area 31 with product and monetary donations across the country. Our TOPDON Scholarship will support a student’s cost to attend a higher level college or training program after graduating from Area 31. We’re also providing a number of professional-grade auto diagnostic tools that will aid in their education. I’m confident our donation will give them invaluable hands-on experience in the automotive space.”

The TOP-UP Academic Initiative was created by TOPDON in 2022 to fulfill the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility by applying the company’s reach, scale and resources to advance the automotive technician workforce globally. Through important product donations, TOP-UP helps faculty and staff create learning experiences and transform classroom environments where students can explore, learn, and build their skills using innovative technology. Monetary scholarships give students access to next-gen education where they can engage with industry professionals and train for future careers in the automotive industry. To date, TOPDON has donated over $200,000 in cash and products to support organizations and schools that are dedicated to preparing the next generation of auto technicians around the world.

“We’re grateful to TOPDON for their donation to Area 31 and believe it will give our students endless possibilities to advance their education and career in the transportation industry,” said Brittany Kloer, Director of Career and Technical Education at Area 31. “Their products help foster a more advanced way of thinking and solving complex mechanical issues. Additionally, TOPDON’s scholarship will support students who continue their education at a college or training program after attending Area 31.”  

Founded in 2017 and based in Rockaway, New Jersey, TOPDON USA is a fast growing provider of entry-level, mid-level, and advanced tools and solutions for professional technicians, as well as DIY enthusiasts. In 2022, TOPDON introduced their first EVSE, thus creating their EVSE Charger Division, investing in the development of EV Market presence and impact, through a full line of level 1, 2 and 3 (DC Fast) solutions and associated channels & partners. Globally, TOPDON has over 200 industry-leading engineers and owns over 140 intellectual property rights. The company’s cutting-edge technology helps customers minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. For more information visit www.topdon.us.

About Area 31
Area 31 is high school with direction, hands-on learning and real-world work experience. The campus prepares students for a high-wage, high-demand career right out of high school or through a head start on a college degree. Students can earn college credits that can be transferred to a two or four year college. For more information visit https://area31careercenter.com/.


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